Intuitive and thoughtful with a sense of humor, Mary repurposes nostalgic or perhaps forgotten imagery into contemporary artwork that amuses. She creates playful hand-cut paper collages from vintage books and magazines. Of particular interest are architecture, interior design, and fashion publications, but anything that sparks curiosity finds its way into her compositions.

Mary’s process involves constant exploration. Rummaging through her collection of found objects, she selects forms and figures with the potential to hold their own outside of their original context. Each find is meticulously cut from the page and applied to a collage only after careful consideration of how it feels in its new configuration. Color, scale, perceived texture, and subject matter combine to set a tone that brings the piece as a whole to life, catching the viewer’s attention.

Mary lives in Quincy, MA. She is self-taught and completed her first collage project in 2013 as part of the Fun-A-Day Project. Since then, her collages have been exhibited at galleries and art spaces in Greater Boston. She is available for commissions and has worked with several musicians, including Bent ShapesParks, and Babydriver.